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Destruction of the Sufi mosque Al Sha3b in Tripoli, destroyed to excavate the tombs inside. The police presence and security were apparently sent to protect the mosque, instead the SSC protected the bulldozers and made sure no media was allowed access. Two Libyan journalists were arrested.

Sources have said that the GNC has called in the Following for questioning:
- Prime Minister
- Minister of Interior
- Minister of Defense
- Head of the armed forces 
- Head of intelligence

The authorities knew this was going to happen, so why not call the people in before hand. This wild west mentality of doing whatever you like must be stopped. Whether people agree with Sufism or not is not the point, when it comes to Libya’s history there must be a dialogue first before tearing down our heritage. What next? Demolish Leptis Magna?

Libya Hurra does not mean this. Today is a very sad day.

(via aljazeera)

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