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“Unworthy” Leo Ortolani

Around 1999, during a stay in Italy, I discovered Italian artist Leo Ortolani and immediately fell in love with his style, his storytelling, humour, and comedic timing. His comic Rat-Man could mix comedy with heartfelt stories. I wish all his books were translated in english and more easily available in North America, though some of his jokes are definitely aimed at an older audience and may offend some (no problem for me, ha ha!).

I can point at a few artists that, when I grew up, were a big influence on me (Uderzo, Gotlib…). I never thought I’d find someone so much later that would still have a big impact. I guess there is no age for that.

Weird choice of page I made: it doesn’t show his main character, Rat-Man, but I’ve always had a weakness for everything ancient Egypt so this one struck a chord.

oh man, I NEED his Harry Potter parody!! 

Ortolani is so, so much worthy.

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